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Other job-seeking tips


The importance of business cards

Going to a party at a friend's place in Mid-Levels in Hong Kong? Before the night is over you can expect to receive a few unsolicited business cards from the people you meet, and you'll be expected to hand out ones of your own. Not bringing your cards on an evening out in Hong Kong is practically a social blunder. This is a business city, and the giving and receiving of cards is expected. Certainly, for the job seeker who is expanding his or her network, a business card is essential equipment.

Once you've secured a place to live with a phone number that (hopefully) won't change until your job search is concluded, get some business cards made. Include a fax, phone, and e-mail addresses if at all possible. And distribute generously.

The importance of e-mail

E-mail is widely used by companies and organizations, and potential employers will appreciate your staying in touch. Having e-mail will save you time and lots of hassle, since you'll be released from yesterday's burden of buying stationery, borrowing a friend's printer, and producing a hard copy of all your communications. E-mail will also give you a good way to stay in frequent touch with peers you meet during your networking.

Some e-mail dos and don'ts:

  • Don't think e-mail gives you license to be casual.  When writing e-mail, always use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Do use e-mail to follow up. (A phone call is even better, however.)
  • Do use e-mail for thank-you letters.
  • Do use e-mail to stay in touch after an interview, but don't overdo it.